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Author Boot Camp is now online!
**Stanford University: April 16 to May 11**

Use the link above to go to Stanford's website and register for this class.

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Bestselling authors Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood generated large online audiences long before their books were in stores, and those audiences landed them multi-book deals with major publishers.

In this boot camp, you will learn how and get set up on YOUR COMPUTER to use:

- Scott & Seth's processes and online tools to promote and market your work to a global audience of plugged-in customers
- Social media strategies and online networking to podcast your own free serialized audiobooks
-  Low-cost, fan-creating tools to create global audiences that clamor for your next product

The book business is more cut throat than ever, and publishers pay attention to authors that come complete with a proven fan base. Are you ready to join the ranks? Are you ready for AUTHOR BOOT CAMP?